Even when you take advantage of the finest software and hardware around, there is always a chance that something might go wrong after an update, for example. In such situations, it would be handy if you have a backup of your content since you will prevent or lessen the loss of info and you'll be able to restore the adequate functioning of your sites promptly. If you use a shared website hosting account, standard backups are made by your service provider, but this isn't the situation in case you have got a virtual or a dedicated server and a predicament may lead to the loss of important data. To avoid this sort of cases, we offer a backup upgrade for our server packages, so we are able to keep a copy of your data safely on an independent hosting server and restore the content if required. That way you will not have to be worried about losing anything even in case you have important data on the server.

Weekly Backup in VPS Hosting

The backup upgrade can be acquired for all VPS hosting packages that we offer regardless of the disk space they have or how much of it you actually employ. You'll be able to add it at any time, so if you wish our system to make a copy of the content you have on the server from the very beginning, you can choose the upgrade on the order page, while in the event that you decide that you want to use it once your sites are already set up, you could order it with a couple of clicks from your billing CP. Because we will keep a copy of all things which you create or upload on the web server every week, we will be able to restore any content right away. The backups are a part of our Managed Services pack, so you can choose if you would like only this upgrade or to have your content backed up as a part of a number of other maintenance services.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Web Hosting

If you acquire one of our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages and you determine that you need a backup of your content, you can add this service with several clicks and our system shall start keeping copies on a weekly basis at once. You could purchase the upgrade together with the hosting server or at some point later using your billing Control Panel in the event that you don't need backups from the very beginning. The service will give you fifty gigabytes of disk space on an independent machine and this content may be restored on our end. Although we test the components and the software before we hand over any new dedicated server, you can never know if some update will not fail, so in case you have critical info on the hosting server, you will be better off with this upgrade. Backups can also be found with the Managed Services upgrade, which features lots of other useful admin tasks which we supply to our customers.